Center for the Studies of Higher Education, Nagoya University

Researcher Toshiki FUJII


Date of Birth



M.A. from University of Nagoya 2017

Research Interests

  • History of teacher education in Germany

Area of Specialization

  • History of education
  • Higher education

*Selected Publications


  • Fujii, T.: Teaching Practice for the Elementary School Teacher's Qualification Exam in Prussia during the Weimar Republic. Evaluation of Berufspraktisches Jahr by Candidates for Teaching Appointments and Mentors, in: The Annual Bulletin of the Japanese Society for the Study on Teacher Education, 29, pp. 76-86(2020).
  • Fujii, T.: Research on the Reform of Teaching Practices at Pädagogische Akademie Kiel. Views on Curriculum Reform Pursuing the Realization of Ideas of the Pädagogische Akademie, in: Studies in the history of education, 62, pp. 100-113(2019)
  • Fujii, T.: "Landschulpraktikum" of "Pädagogische Akademie" in Frankfurt/Oder. Focusing on its relation to the New Education Movement, in: The Chubu journal of educational research, 18, pp. 45-60(2018).
  • Fujii, T.: Necessary Skills for Elementary School Teachers in Prussia. Focusing on Test Regulations, in: Kyoiku-ronso, 59, pp. 95-104(2016).